WarpBeam Community Report

3 min readMay 4, 2022

WarpBeam project –2022 January — April introduction and review

Hello WarpBeamers! Welcome to our project introduction and review of the changes and advancements made in the months of January through April of this year.

What is WarpBeam?

We present to you our Metaverse platform which allows interstellar travel and is meant for space lovers who are looking for entertainment. The principle is simple — upload your media and our platform will send it to space for an eternal journey. And that is not all, our platform allows you to communicate with like-minded people, share your pictures, videos and findings. All you need is to connect to our Metaverse social platform via browser or mobile app.

Our platform is hybrid, which means that users can use WBM tokens or FIAT payments for our services. This allows everyone to freely use our platform with a free choice of payment method for our services.

What is WarpBeam tokens and where to get them?

Our project has its own token — WBM. Our WBM token runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). You can use any BSC-supported wallets to store your WBM tokens.

WBM as a Stable Service payment token

WBM token will give token holders some privileges. The most notable privilege is to use WBM tokens for sending media to space for a fixed price, e.g. 1 WBM token is equal to 1 media unit (1 picture or 1 second of video).

One more privilege worth mentioned is the booking of prime-time slots when our community-based space TV is live.

How to pass the KYC and get tokens with different discount program

You can also get our WBM tokens in the Mintme exchange using this link — https://www.mintme.com/token/WBM/invite. Using Mintme exchange you will not need to pass our KYC requirements and that may be a better option for some of you.

New partner — SafeSwap

One of the newest partners that we have started working with is SafeSwap. WBM token already has the availability to be staked in the SafeSwap platform.

You can stake your WBM tokens at safeswap.online

New partner — ShellBoxes

We are happy to partner with the company ShellBoxes which are providing auditing and cyber security consulting.

Active interviews in Ask Me Anything format and community growth

During March and April, our CEO Ray and CTO Deivis has been actively attended many interviews in the AMA format. In total, they have attended in over 10 AMA’s and have plans for 2 more the month of April, with the month of May quickly filling in with upcoming AMA interviews.

During the last couple of months our Twitter and Telegram communities have grown quite substantially.

Twitter has already broken the 1,000 follower mark. Our Telegram community is staying very active and gradually growing with every AMA done. At the moment, we have about 1,600 users, but expectations are to hit 2,000 members by the end of April.




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